PURWOX (USA), Inc. C 1997

 System Description

The new technology incorporates a high temperature energo-technological, non-hazardous, gasification process for any materials containing carbon and hydrocarbon. This proven technology is unique in that an all other mal supply of self generated high heat is injected into the reactor in the total absence of oxygen and nitrogen.

Traditionally generated heat is replaced by a unique restorer gas which is combined with a ration of water vapor quickly heated to over 1800O C by a proprietary heater. The heat carrier (H2 & CO) is blasted into the reactor with water vapor (H20). This combination possesses special thermo physical properties due to the hydrocarbon content.

The use of the unique carrier provides principal advantages for this technology. For example, the combination of the high temperature of the recycle mixture in the complete absence of oxygen and nitrogen produces an intensive flowing pyrolysis process causing complete transformation of the waste's organic structure. Absence of oxygen and nitrogen in the heat source excludes direct oxidation, eliminating toxic, chemical and other hazardous wastes.

The PURWOX System converts organic and inorganic materials into a vitreous substance and a hydrogen-rich, clean and safe pyrogas.

The interrelation of the properties of energy products in the flow results in achieving maximum values of energy efficiency (95%) and efficiency of the gasification process (99% plus). Once started, the System does not require any external power to operate, only more trash, 24-hours a day.