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A revolutionary Waste-to-Energy Technology has been successfully developed. This is an absolutely clean operating, extremely cost effective, self generating system which will virtually eliminate landfills. The proven technology has evolved from development of thermal incineration technologies over the last 30 years. This proven and unique process is defined in the name PURWOX:

"Pyrolysis Unique Recovery Without OXygen"

The process may be simply described as a self sustaining, waste less thermal destruction system. The closed integrated system functions without oxygen and converts all organic and inorganic waste to useful materials.

For the first time, energy production is accompanied by environmental reclamation, in direct contrast to all other existing waste treatment methods.

PURWOX (USA) Ltd. is an internationally established corporation headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. PURWOX has developed technologies that convert organic and inorganic materials to a clean burnable gas with numerous commercially usable by-products. Leading worldwide experts have reviewed this technology and declare . . . "the PURWOX System is not just new technology, but a discovery."

PURWOX developments will inevitably affect the entire waste management market as well as significantly impact the mining and energy generation industries. Not only will this system affect the billion dollar environmental industry but will also produce additional revenue from by-product generation.

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